Scott M Yarosh LLC is a solo psychiatric practice whose outpatient practice is located in the Midway area of St. Paul.

Dr. Yarosh is a Board Certified adult and geriatric psychiatrist with an eclectic perspective on the practice of psychiatry. He views clients as individuals possessing areas of relative strengths and with opportunities for growth and to shore up areas of vulnerability. This relatively uncommon perspective sharply deviates from that of many psychiatrists who may view client’s difficulties in terms of the more medically based disease model in which psychiatric disorders are frequently seen in terms of illness, diagnoses and biologically based diseases. While temperament, hereditary factors and brain chemistry play a vital role in the state of an individual’s mental health, Dr. Yarosh firmly believes in emphasizing psycho-social factors when addressing individuals mental health state and their treatment needs.

Dr. Yarosh is a strong proponent of psychotherapy as a means of developing insight and therefore enriching client’s capacity to implement changes in their recognition of emotions, altering behavioral responses thereby fostering an overall sense of internal well being. Medications are frequently utilized as one treatment modality among many to assist clients in reaching their goals of improved mental health, but are seen by Dr. Yarosh as a component of treatment and not necessarily the entirety of the therapeutic process. As such, clients are held accountable for their behavior, and sometimes decisions are made in the client’s best interest even if those decisions are not what the client sees as being in their best interest. Individuals best served by Dr. Yarosh are those who actively wish to improve their mental health and are willing to play an active role in that process. As one respected colleague has suggested, “If you don’t continue to grow, you’ll die,” and Dr. Yarosh attempts to incorporate that philosophy into his practice.

Dr. Yarosh brings a wealth of experience and a hybrid of medical knowledge coupled with psycho-social training to his practice style. He possesses empathy for others; which only evolves with exposure to a wide range of difficulties endured by human-kind. He is not judgmental of others' circumstances, recognizing that people are human and that circumstances of one's current psychological status are not always readily apparent.


1600 University Ave. W Suite 205
St. Paul, MN 55104